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Which social media platform to choose

Which social media platform to choose

As discussed in my previous blog on social media, these platforms are a great marketing tool for your business. They're free and can reach potential customers interested in your product or services who might not find you otherwise.

One of the main things I found when trying to promote my services was being overwhelmed by just how many social media platforms (SMP) are out there. I was constantly trying to keep up with all of them which often meant neglecting the things I should really be focusing on like my website. What I found was that is was easier to focus my attention on the SMPs that were right for my industry.

The following is from my own experience so please don't take it as gospel.


Facebook is good for almost all industries but the ones that seem to excel are industries that have great visuals to share. Travel guides, cooking companies, clothing brands and sporting teams to name a few. Videos and photos are a great way to engage potential customers and Facebook is great for that.


Twitter is great for individuals and companies with a point to prove. If you have a political or moral agenda attached to your company then use Twitter to speak out and reach an audience interested in it. Non profit charities, news channels and utility companies are all great for twitter. 

Instagram and Pinterest

Instagram is visual and is perhaps my favourite SMP. It's great for web design companies, fashion houses, artists and food photographers. This is the same for Pinterest. Travel blogs and interior designers utilise them both greatly because they can show off what they offer visually.


Linkedin is more of a corporate SMP. It's great for companies large and small for finding staff and promoting their businesses B2B. Large professional service companies, big brand companies and entrepreneurs all target Linkedin as their main SMP.


It's great to have your own business YouTube Channel but only if you can justify it with regular, impressive and relevant video content to fill it with. Video bloggers, companies offering training webinars and sports channels and teams will always have a large part to play when it comes to YouTube.

Choose which social media platforms to use wisely. Don't try and target as many as you can. Do your market research and see what your competitors use and are most successful on. Don't waste time on platforms that aren't right for your business.

Thank you for reading and for any more information on the topic or anything else mentioned in this blog, don't hesitate to contact me through our contact form.

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