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Website jargon that we must learn Part 1

Website jargon that we must learn Part 1

The jargon used around web design and development is often banded around as if it is common knowledge. It can be very confusing. Here are some terms often used by professionals that everyone should know when thinking about designing a website.


A domain name is simply the unique address that identifies that website e.g You can not access a house without it's address just as you can't view a website without it's domain. Depending on the wording and it's availability, domain names are usually cheap to buy but must be renewed yearly.


The URL or Uniform Resource Locator is similar to the domain but relates to the exact page of the website you are on and will often involve http://www. as a prefix before the domain. So is the URL and is the domain.

website domain

IP address

An IP address is simply a set of numbers that identifies each computer or device using the internet. Whatever you are using to read this post on, if you are using the internet, it will have it's own unique IP or Internet Protocol address. An example of what they look like would be 


The Domain Name Service or DNS is much like a phonebook but for domains (and other information) instead of phone numbers. As discussed before, each domain has an IP address and this information is stored in a Domain Name Service or Server. You will need to change the DNS settings when transferring a domain to a new host. More on this in an upcoming blog post.

web hosting

Web hosting Vs Domain

What is the difference between web hosting and domain? The domain is like your address and can be registered anywhere that offers that service. Web hosting is the space that the domain occupies. Without hosting the domain will remain disconnected so one wont work without the other when you need a website.

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