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Valuing logo design

Valuing logo design

Effective logos that always linger in our mind’s eyes are not created by fluke; they are the result of well defined procedures. Sure, you can pay £50 for a basic auto generated logo but it wont give you a brand identity. 

The logo design process has three major aspects:

  1. Creativity - A naturally creative mind is a must and is hard to find. 

  2. Technical knowledge - PHOTOSHOP and ILLUSTRATOR take years to become well trained in, don't take that knowledge for granted.

  3. Experience with marketing - Creating the right kind of corporate identity requires market research. The logo designer must be able to understand the target customers so that the logo is able to strike the right chord with them.

A logo needs to be designed for all forms be it for Vans, stationary or a website so this needs to be taken into account when designing one.

All these criteria come into play and thus, custom logo design becomes a complicated and time consuming affair.

The end result of the entire procedure is a logo that ensures:

  1. Originality - Needs to be unique

  2. Guarantees recognition with huge visual impact

  3. Rightly conveys your business message

  4. Builds up the brand value and promises the enhancment of the business

The process

Courtesy of Branding consultant - Canny Creative

The process might look something like this:

  • Design Brief & Discussion: The designer has a meeting with, talks to and interviews the client to help flesh out the project design brief. 

  • Research: The graphic designer begins to research the client’s company, their competitors and the industry that they’re part of. During this section of the process, existing and successful logos in the client’s industry will also be researched.

  • Sketches & Concepts: The designer then begins to sketch out ideas and concepts for the logo. These are then shown to the client.

  • Mockups: The approved concept(s) are taken and developed into something more solid for reflection. 

  • Presentation: The final logo is completed alongside any other parts of the project. Once the final instalment is paid, the required logo files are handed over to the client.

  • Breathe a Sigh of Relief: Then the designer grabs a beer and enjoys the nice rewarding feeling that comes with the signing off a project that you’re proud of. 

We advise our clients to invest a minimum of £500 to £700 but ideally £1000+ into their logo design and brand identity.


Pay less than £300 for a logo and don't expect to be blown away.

Thank you for reading and for any more information on the topic or anything else mentioned in this blog, don't hesitate to contact me through our contact form.

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SEO hacks to use right from the development phase

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Upselling additional services?