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5 reasons why social media is good for your business

5 reasons why social media is good for your business

Social media platforms these days are essential for all businesses for many reasons. They'll save you time, money and effort and can gain you customers, website visitors (traffic) and even direct income through various ecommerce solutions that some of them offer. I've outlined 5 reasons why every business should take advantage of what social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can offer to help build a great reputation.

They're free!

The most common social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Reddit and Tumblr are free. They provide the most powerful FREE marketing tools for your business so it's really a no brainer when umming and ahhing over whether your business needs an account with one if not all of them. Some will suit your business more than others but take a look at your competitors and see which ones they utilise the most. 

Increased brand recognition

Put simply, increased brand recognition is getting your brand, company name, products or services out to potential customers who you might not reach with just your website or offline. One in every five people on planet earth have an active Facebook account so the likelihood is there are a few people out there interested in what you have to offer who wont find you browsing the web or taking a stroll. Why not take advantage of this and on top of that, do it for free.

brand tecognition

Customer insights

Social media platforms tend to gather huge amounts of data on what people like and what they tend to engage with. Through interacting with people interested in your product or services you can mould your social media account and indeed your website around what they want to see, click on, discuss or engage with. Find out what they love so you can give it to them.

Customer interaction

Not only do social media platforms allow you to interact with existing customers but it allows you to interact with potential customers at a more personal level. Like their posts, respond to their comments and build relationships and trust. This will help the reputation of you business greatly, not only with your customers but also within your industry.

customer interaction

Increase website traffic and climb those rankings

By having your website featured on your various social media accounts you can direct more and more traffic to your site every day. Our Instagram account has helped grow traffic to this blog greatly and has brought us many readers. On top of that, the more likes, followers and shares you gain, the more appreciated you'll be with the major search engines and they will eventually rank your account higher attracting more traffic to your website.

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How much does a website cost?

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