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Don’t let your brand go stale

Don’t let your brand go stale

You’ll notice that every year or so big companies will update their branding and logo giving their company a slightly more updated look. The branding isn’t often completely changed but the logo and website are altered to conform to latest design trends.

Everybody's doing it!

The most recent example I can think of is Instagram where they opted for a simple flat design and bright neon gradients over their dated image of a camera. These companies don’t do this because they have the money to, they do it to keep on trend, keep people interested in their product and above all, attract new business.

Every online business needs to stay up to date on the latest trends in terms of how their business should be branded. Here at Upstart Design we tend to advise our customers on rebranding their company once every year. This keeps their brand fresh and also gives them a chance to reach out to all their customers informing them of the re-branding.

Brand evolution

When a new business is formed, what it is initially branded as, will almost certainly not be the same as what it is in a year's time. This is called brand evolution and is a fundamental reason for rebranding. For example the business may offer more services now and may have even targeted another industry or sector so the branding may not fit with what the company does anymore. This gives you another reason to re-design and not just because it is dated and needs a revamp. The example businesses above have changed and evolved so much and as you can see their re-branding and designing have really followed how they have evolved.


A new logo and website can be daunting, especially for an established business but it’s vital to stay reputable in any industry. An existing customer is more likely to switch to a provider with a fresh brand with similar prices than stay with a company with a dated brand and website.

Show your customers you care about your own brand

A new logo and website design shows, not only to new customers that you are keeping up with the times, but also existing customers that you care about how your company is portrayed online. It’ll show them that you are focussed on building an online presence to be proud of.

Be kind to your company

We tend to be a little too relaxed when it comes to rebranding or refreshing our company especially if our main point of business is not online. It is vitally important that how we are seen online mirrors how we wish to be seen offline. The services and look have to be the same and focussing on one and not the other can be detrimental to the business as a whole. Search engines will penalise us within the rankings if we do not refresh, redesign and rebrand our company once every year.

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