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How much does a website cost?

How much does a website cost?

Websites have been around for 20 odd years now and ever since the first one it's been tough to put a price on them. There are a few things to look out for when putting value on a website. Whether your building a website for some one else or commissioning some one to do it for you, there are some elements to look out for which add value to the website and should be included in the web design package that you are buying or selling.

Something to bear in mind when reading this. I'm talking about pure website design. This does not include the logo design, copy writing or other additional services.


How many pages you want should directly influence the amount of money spent. Pages take time to create so putting a price on them is fair enough.

To save money, keep the pages simple and the amount low. For a brochure site where you just want your presence known go for something like Home, About Us, Services, Gallery, Contact Us. You will most likely be able to add further pages once you are live so stick with the basics.


How much of it and what type of content is required will change the price quite drastically. Plain text and continuous prose shouldn't cost too much but when images, graphics and animation are thrown in there the price should start to rise. Again, keep things simple to save money and look into costs of adding more interactive content post live.


All designers should allow a certain amount of reviews before a customer goes live. Whether or not the charge per review or give a set fee for say three. The price is always going to vary depending on them. As a customer be clever with your reviews. Get as much as you can done per review as if you start racking up the amount of reviews things will start to get expensive.

Mobile responsiveness

Don't take a website being mobile responsive for granted. It is huge these days as most websites are viewed through mobile or tablet devices over desk or laptops. Making a website mobile responsive is no easy task so it will cost a bit more but leave a budget aside for it. It's fundamental that you make sure your website looks flawless in mobile view.

Designer time

Many designers will charge an hourly rate. Designer time, of course, costs money but make an agreement at the start of the project and things shouldn't get too out of hand. Set out clear rules for your designer or customer and stick to them throughout the project.

Of course, there are more factors to consider when valuing a website design project but these are the ones to start with. Thank you for reading and for any more information on the topic or anything else mentioned in this blog, don't hesitate to contact me through our contact form.

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