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Copywriting basics

Copywriting basics

Writing copy for your website can be a daunting prospect especially if you're more of a creative person. There are some things to take into account before you put pen to paper which will make your copy SEO ready and will help represent your company as you want it.

Making a plan is vital before writing your copy. Work out your USPs as well as what you most want to achieve with your website NOT your company as a whole. Do you want to sell a product online? Have you got a particular service you wish to promote? Are you simply promoting your company as a brochure with a web presence?

The best place to start is thinking like your customers - what questions will they need answered, what information are they looking for, what should they do, once they have found it on your website? Let's discuss the main pages on a site and what kind of copy should be written for each. 


Your homepage is the most important page. It's your shop window so you must welcome your visitor putting across, clearly, coherently and cohesively exactly what it is you have to offer. Get you keywords in there but don't overload it. Remember, keep it coherent. If it doesnt make sense because you are overloading it with SEO techniques, Google will penalise you.

About Us

This is there to tell your customer a bit about the company, when it was established and company ethos and values. Keep it brief but use this page to show potential customers what kind of company you are. A great one.


State exactly what you can do for your visitor. List your products or services that you offer. Focus what you specialise in and make that the main topic of conversation and utilise your keywords wisely. This is where you really want to sell yourself so use examples of where you've really excelled and throw them in front of them.

Contact us

This is a very important page. The more information you can gather about potential customers the better. Make the copy engaging and make it easy for the customer to submit an enquiry. If they're on this page the likelihood is, they want to contact you so don't offer up reams of continuous prose.

More to come on copywriting and best practices but that should be a good start.

Thank you for reading and for any more information on the topic or anything else mentioned in this blog, don't hesitate to contact me through our contact form.

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