Sam Greensted started this blog in 2016 and looks to find guest contributors to help provide free advice and help on website and graphic design, copywriting and organic SEO.

An eye for graphic and digital design is something you are born with but is also something that can be learnt. This blog is here to give beginners a good basis to trends and practices in digital design, SEO and copywriting skills. It's also here for people who require a website or logo to get a solid idea of what to look for when hiring a freelancer or company. Free advice goes a long way especially in an industry where people are often over charged for knowledge that isn't necessarily hard to come by.

It's also vital that people are made aware of the impact climate change is having and what we can do as a species to prevent our planet from slowly dying. If we can inform the world about digital design then we might as well throw in a few home truths about how you can help save planet earth.

Thanks for listening and please feel free to contact Sam through our contact page for any help or advice.